Sampling Staff

Why choose our sampling staff?

Our sampling staff have carried out extensive promotions for various brands and products. All of our sampling staff have the key attributes to represent brands professionally. They are all warm, friendly, engaging, well spoken and pro-active which will help leave a lasting impression. Our sampling staff does not just give out samples, they will help push sales and also give customers an overview on the product.

Echo Alert!!! We can’t name our client due to embarrassment reasons, but our sampling staff actually out-sold our client’s top sales team at a recent trade show. OOPS! Needless to say, we are now part of their on-going promotions.


Sampling staff:

Sampling is a great way of raising awareness for a product to a wide audience. Sampling gives the public a brief taster of the product in the hope they will make a purchase there and then or in the future. They may also tell friends and family about it. Sampling is most effective when carried out in places with high footfall such as at shopping centres, festivals, trade shows, exhibitions and on busy high streets / train stations during rush hour.

Sampling can also be used for market research purposes. To do this you can give the public a sample of the product and ask them to complete a feedback form. The company can then use this information to potentially improve their product if required.


What our client’s said about our sampling staff:

“I just wanted to let you know that we broke the records yesterday, in total the girls sampled 46 bottles which is approx. 1,656 samples and represents 9.2 trays per usherettes. The ladies said they would do their best to break the records and we did!” Bordeaux Wines

“Bianca was great – we loved working with her. She was happy interacting with everyone, learnt the important points to tell customers and looked great in the dress.” Liamon Fresh


“With regards to the ladies performance on Friday’s event, we were very pleased with both girls and would like you to pass on our thanks to them. Both arrived on time, were well dressed and very interactive with the crowd. We were pleased to have them on the OMG! Team.” OMG Energy Shots