Promotional Staff

The presence and assistance of promotional staff at your next event could make all the difference

No matter your event or promotion that you’re holding, you need to ensure that you sell yourself and your brand in the right light. Networking and selling will be your two main focuses, but there can be plenty of obstacles that could get in the way. If you want to ensure you are ready for anything on your next event or promotion, our team of promotional staff are here to help.

By investing in our promo staff here at Echo Staffing, you won’t need to worry about handing out leaflets, greeting guests or generating leads. Instead, our staff can take care of any duties that you need help with, freeing you up to concentrate on the day.

Not only are our staff professional, versatile and friendly, but will do all they can to help make your day a success. We make sure that our staff dress the part, and we will even go the extra mile if you want them in matching outfits to suit the theme.

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