Meet & Greet Staff

Our meet & greet staff:

Meet & greet staff are used at many events such as conferences, private parties, award ceremonies, sporting events and many more. The role of meet and greet staff can be to welcome guests on arrival, direct them to main event or to add that extra touch of glamour. This service contributes to the smooth running of an event.

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Our meet & greet staff leave a lasting impression.

Our meet and greet staff will always meet guests with a warm and friendly welcome. They are professional, well-spoken and experienced ensuring they represent your event to the highest standard. We are also pleased to be able to offer our clients meet and greet staff who are multilingual upon request.

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What our clients said about our meet & greet staff:

“The hostesses were consistently punctual, immaculately presented and perfectly professional. But moreover, they demonstrated both enthusiasm and energy in pro-actively engaging interested browsers, whilst never hesitating to find time to wash glasses, straighten wayward graphics and vacuum the red carpet during quieter moments – without prompting from us! In conclusion, not only do Echo Staffing enhance the way that professional businesses appear at events; but, in my experience, they have a highly developed understanding of ‘customer service excellence’. A rare and much appreciated combination.” F13 Jets

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“Just a quick note to thank you for your help in arranging our hostess, Rebecca, for the British Motorcross Grand Prix – a very nice and interesting person – professional and a pleasure to work with!” Trip Buddy

“Charlotte was a great hostess – very professional, well presented and asked all the right questions. We would definitely book her again and thank you to you for organising!” Harrison Varma