Guerrilla Marketing

What is guerrilla marketing?

Guerrilla marketing is an imaginative and unconventional marketing strategy to reach a target large audience without breaking the bank! These strategies can be creative and versatile ranging from flash mobs, costume work, PR Stunts or something that contains an element of surprise. In some cases, the aim is to cause a stir and get people talking, tweeting and sharing their experience in the hope the stunt may go viral. Guerrilla marketing tends to leave a lasting impression in comparison with traditional forms of marketing (such as billboards, adverts, etc.) as it’s carried out in a more personal and memorable way. For example, a person is more likely to remember the launch of a new Christmas grotto by a flash mob of 100 Santa’s at their local train station rather than a TV advert during prime time.

Why choose our guerrilla marketing staff?

Many of our promotional staff have trained professionally in performing arts and are confident singers, dancers and actors. Therefore, they are used to being the center of attention and they can definitely make a positive commotion and raise brand awareness. We are confident we have the perfect staff, no matter how difficult, energetic or creative the guerrilla marketing campaign is!

What our client’s said about our guerrilla marketing staff:

“I just wanted to let you know that we broke the records yesterday, in total the girls sampled 46 bottles which is approx. 1,656 samples and represents 9.2 trays per usherettes. The ladies said they would do their best to break the records and we did!” Bordeaux Wines

“The ladies were excellent! They were very professional, did a great job for us handing out freebies and leaflets and attracting customers to our marquee. They raised our profile considerably at the event as we were the only company to hire promotional girls! They were very friendly, very approachable and looked amazing! Also the feedback we have had on forums and social media regarding the girls has been great, many asking if they will be back next year! With which we sincerely hope they will, we will defiantly be returning to the event and also definitely will require the girls services again in the future!” Alchemists Cupboard

“I just want to say thanks for supplying the ladies at Newmarket Racecourse. They were extremely professional and a delight to work with!” RaceBets