Exhibition Staff Birmingham

Why choose our exhibition staff Birmingham?

Echo Staffing is a leading supplier of exhibition staff at many trade shows, conferences and exhibitions in Birmingham. All of our exhibition staff are handpicked ensuring they are experienced in the promotions and hospitality industry. We ensure that all of our exhibition staff are intelligent, enthusiastic, professional and also eye-catching.

We know all of our exhibition staff individually and can recommend the most suitable staff to match your requirements. We understand the importance of supplying staff who have a similar passion for what they are going to be promoting. For example, we’ve supplied olive-lovers to an olive company, staff who are trying to quit smoking to an e-cigarette company, computer geeks to our technology clients and book worms for the London Book Fair… what we are trying to say is, we will get it right for you too!

Our exhibition staff Birmingham:

It has been proven our exhibition staff help attract footfall to stands and in turn maximise opportunities for exhibitors. Exhibitors normally task our exhibition staff with duties such as lead generation, sales, product demonstration, scanning badges, handing out merchandise, collecting business cards, meeting & greeting guests, serving food / beverages and generally helping out around the stand. Our exhibition staff will always add that friendly smile and can be used as a great icebreaker!

All our exhibition staff have a wealth of experience and regularly work at the largest exhibition venues in the west midlands such as such as the NEC Birmingham, The Ricoh Arena, Telford International and many more. We are also proud to provide bilingual exhibition staff for multinational events if required.

Our exhibition staff can be dressed to suit the event theme or the company image whether it is branded clothing, casual dress, business attire, cocktail dresses, costumes, sultry outfits or cultural outfits.

What our client’s said about our exhibition staff Birmingham:

“We were extremely impressed with the exhibition staff at KKB Expo. They were very helpful with everything and very friendly. They even helped with the washing up and cleaning! I did not expect them to be so helpful and pro active. I couldn’t have done it without them.” RAK Ceramics

“Dominique was perfect. We were very happy with the service and we look forward to using you again in the future.” Gyms Kitchen

“Alexandra was amazing, very professional, always asking questions, giving some great suggestions which contributed heavily to our success over the weekend. I honestly mean this, without her we would not have been as successful as we were. She was not shy to reach out to passers by and getting them to try our product, using her charm and knowledge to generate sales. She learnt about our product instantly and was having the same level of conversations with potential customers as myself and my business partner. I will be requesting Alex for all of our future exhibitions and promotional events.” Cocos Pure